History of Flixton Cricket and Sports Club.


There has been a conflicting opinion as the actual date for the foundation of the club. D. H. Langton’s ‘A History of the Parish of Flixton’, stated that our club as started in 1891, where as the tradition of the club gives 1892 as the official foundation date. It is possible both dates may be correct in that the original meeting of players was indeed 1891, with the actual first matches being played during the 1892 season.


The club committee in the past decided to accept the club tradition and celebrated the Centenary of the club during the summer of 1992.


When the club house was moved from the original location along Goldsworthy Road, to it’s present position in 1971, many of the papers and records dealing with the history of the club were lost.


In The Beginning:


Flixton Cricket and Sports Club was not the first cricket club in Flixton, There being an other club in the area, but there was some little difficulty about the funds, and the club eventually folded. The present club used to play in a field close to Stott’s Mill on Flixton Road, and were mostly youths, under the captaincy of A. C. Cooke. In 1893 the ground was removed to Johnson’s field near the Red Lion public house (Originally located on Woodsend Road). Understood there was a rota for junior members to remove the cows from the field and clean the pitch on match days.


Journey along Moorside Road in 1900:


Moorside Road from it’s junction with Woodsend Road, and for a considerable distance was called by the older residence “The Flash”. The ground was originally surrounded by open fields and in the mist of them was the velvety lush green cricket grounds of Flixton Cricket Club – Set like an emerald amongst the charming rural surroundings.


In 1896 the club moved to it’s present location – a piece of land known as “The Athertons’ on Moorside Road, original location in Irlam Road, where the club had played for many years, where the ground was prepared by a number of players in order to conserve the funds of the club, where the club was officially opened in May of that year.


In 1914 the ground was ploughed up as part of the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign, being re-laid in 1919, with matches once again being played in the summer of that year.


In 1927 the ground was purchased from James Harold Walkden for the sum of £750 – This included £448 from members donations and £290 from the ladies of the club. £64 was allocated for the provision of a New Tennis Courts and £34 to open a fund for the provision of a new cricket pavilion.


In 1968 plans where discussed for an amalgamation of the club with Moorside Tennis Club, and the erection of a new clubhouse near the Bowling Green. Grants were approved with UDC and the Ministry of Education, work starting on the new premises

starting soon after. The club house being opened on 5th May 1971, and the amalgamated clubs where then onwards to be known as ‘Flixton Cricket and Sports Club’ – with sections for Cricket, Tennis, Bowls, Table Tennis, Karate and Bridge.