Welcome to FCSC’s Karate Section. One of the oldest established karate clubs in the country.


The style we teach is authentic Wado Ryu which was formulated by Master Hironori Ohtsuka, a Japanese master, and we hold strictly to the principles he laid down.


Our senior instructor is John Tweddle; holding the grade of black belt 5th Dan and is assisted by other experienced black belts within the section including Derek Jones, Rob Harris and Adrian Jolly.


We teach a syllabus covering beginners to advanced black belts, comprised of:                              


Kihon: Basic techniques covering kicking and punching including combination sequences.       

Kaeshi Kumite: Basic attack and defence with counter patterns.

Ohyo Gumite: Semi free fighting.

Jiyu Kumite: Full free fighting.

Kata: The complete range of Wado Ryu Kata with a full understanding of the Bunkai (application) of each pattern.


We are full members of the United Kingdom All Styles Karate Association, United Kingdom Martial Arts Federation and the English Karate Federation who are the overlords of all karate in the country. With our affiliations to these bodies our students have options to attend seminars with leading instructors in Kata and Kumite.


Training nights are Sunday and Tuesday. All start at 19.00.


We are always looking for new members of all ages and you are always assured of a warm welcome here at Flixton.


For more information please contact John Tweddle on 0161 747 3176 or at karate@flixtoncricketandsportsclub.com.